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“Enjoyed your recent article about granny flats. You mentioned that larger parcels might qualify for two ADUs. I’ve also heard that it is OK to have an another ADU in your house, is that correct? Please give me a website that would have all these rules, thanks and hope you’re doing well.” Terry S.

“I was browsing the web for home buying advice and came across your article, "Few Housing Choices For Generation Y". I'm reaching out to let you know that I liked it a lot and decided to share it with our Money Magazine editorial team. We all thought it was well-written and showed the amount of effort you put in bringing it together — Thank you for that!”

Thank you for the heads up regarding the new ADU laws.This morning I instructed our listing agent to add the following language to MLS ,flyers etc. on our two 5-acre parcels in Cameron Park: "Accessory dwelling unit laws may allow 3 units on this parcel"…Thanks again Bill F.

Thank you so much for taking time to respond.  You advise was highly valuable. Planning to take a legal stand on that to avoid any issues in the future. Really appreciate your response. George.

Read an article you wrote in Mountain Democrat regarding "Cancelling a Purchase Contract Once in Escrow".  Thanks for the great insight. Jim A.

I love reading your articles in the Village Life . The latest one which was on Rent Control debacle !!

Much appreciated, Thanks……..Tom S

As a regular follower of your Real Estate column on the Village Life periodical, I read with attention your recent column about postponing taxes through 1031 exchanges. You recommended using a “qualified intermediary” to handle the technical details of an exchange. Would you kindly recommend me one of those companies? Thank you very much in advance for your time and assistance.

Just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on the column you write for the Mountain Democrat.  I look forward to purchasing Friday’s paper to read your column.  You write with honesty and intelligence in a very trying time.  I was born and raised in Placerville.  A fourth generation in El Dorado County and it is so sad to see what is happening with taxes, insurance, and property values in the rural areas. It is sad to be contemplating a move from my county/state of birth.  Thank you once again for addressing current issues in such a direct manner……..Susan

I wanted to thank you for a very good article you wrote in the Mt Democrat. It is very good. Please keep writing. Thank you for the article.  Carolyn

 Always look for your article in the Mountain Demo. Many thanks, Don L.

We've traded emails in the past and I subscribe to the Mountain Democrat (online) to specifically read your columns. I have read your article (among others) about the current "fire insurance fiasco" that is occurring all along the foothills of the western Sierra Mountains.  Thank you, John B.  

I thoroughly enjoy your articles in the Home Source! Thanks for whatever information you may be able to provide! Fred O. CLU

My name is Michael, I read your Column all the time and I need some help/advise and I’m unsure where to even begin so I will just dive right in....

After reading your article I would like to get a chance to meet you and discuss the real estate market needs for homes around El Dorado and where we should decide on our new development. Mr. Y.

Read your article. I live in Montana and I see a larger than normal number of families 35- 50 moving here from California. Your opinion? Paul W

Read your article regarding the Seller in Possession. We are in the exact situation. Do I have to now serve a 3-day notice? What would be the next steps being that there is no tenant landlord relationship. Thank you Worried in California.

 Thank you for the article in the Mountain Democrat.  I just wanted to know if the Department of Insurance or CA legislature is doing anything about the cost and/or cancellation of insurance policies in the foothills.

I recently read an article you wrote for or local Mountain Democrat. My homeowners bill has skyrocketed from a 12-year run at $1,200 per year to as of this month, $7000 per year.  How can this possibly even be legal? Any viable ideas? Thanks, Debbie

It was good to speak with you yesterday and sorry to hear your column has ended. I really enjoyed reading your column and you have covered so much good material. I hope you link your real estate website to your archive of articles, and seriously consider further articles in  a real estate Blog or think about assembling and making into a book. Self-publishing is very popular these days. I would be happy to be a sounding board, if you’d like to discuss any ideas. Roger

I'm a  semi-retired building contractor here in  Monroe, NC. I’m fixing to build a rental community suited for seniors. Do you have any advice on how to market the spaces and things that I should include?  

Can’t wait to see your Blog site. You certainly have plenty of good content to organize. Thanks for thinking of me. Roger F.

 “Your column is awesome and adds to our real estate section. Pat Lakey, the managing editor calls you “the guy who knows everything about real estate.” Susanna former writer for the  Mt. Democrat.

Thanks for another riveting article Ken. Very well done.   Ms S.

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